Counselling offers you a confidential space where you can explore whatever is troubling you. It may be easier to talk openly with someone who is not part of your everyday life.


I will listen to you without giving advice or judging you. Instead I support you in figuring out what feels right and true for you. This way you can develop your own authority in making life choices.


I aim to unlock your resources and build on your strengths so that you can face your present and future challenges.


Counselling may also help you in navigating transitions in your life, e. g. when becoming parents, changing jobs, retiring, ending or deepening a relationship.


Sometimes your current problems may be linked to past experiences that shaped your behaviour, perceptions and expectations. These powerful unconscious connections may mislead you. I try to help you in becoming (more) aware of these so that you can disentangle yourself from old patterns and transform destructive ways into healthier ones. Often it is more about learning to live with something rather than leaving it behind.