fees & more info


What to expect:


 At first, there will be an initial meeting to find out if counselling is the right choice for you. It lasts an hour and gives us a first impression whether we feel we can work well together. Of course you can also ask any questions you may have.


 If you decide to continue, the counselling will begin in the next session (also one hour per session, unless we agree to have longer meetings).


At our first meeting we will also talk about the anticipated time frame of our work together (short or long term, time-limited or open-ended) and the spacing of our sessions. A weekly meeting at a fixed time is often good to begin with. Sometimes a few sessions will be enough, other processes need more time – it all depends on your individual situation and wishes. If during the counselling process you feel you need more or less time, we'll decide together how best to adapt.


Free spaces:

 At the moment there are a few spaces available.



 Initial meeting (60 min):    40 €

 Counselling      (60 min):    80 €


 Different rates may apply when working online with clients living abroad. Otherwise, fees for online-counselling are the same as stated above. I also offer some spaces with a reduced fee - please don't hesitate to ask.  


In Germany, counselling is not regarded as equivalent to psychotherapy and not intended to cure any kind of mental illness. Therefore, German health insurances won't reimburse the fees. However, the benefit might be that you won't need an approval to begin with counselling and I won't share any information with your health insurance.



I will treat our sessions as strictly confidential. This means I won't pass on any personal information to others without your permission. The only exception: If I feel there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others. In any case I would try to discuss my concerns with you first before I would contact another professional.



 Like all professional counsellors, I regularly review my work with a supervisor (a senior colleague) in a way that protects your identity. Supervision supports me in my further professional development and ensures I work with you in the best possible way.


 Missed sessions and cancellations:

 If you give me a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice that you are unable to come to a session I might be able to reschedule the session. If you inform me later or miss the appointment you will need to pay the regular fee for the session.